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Bobby’s Coding Song (feat. Yates) Released

About MusikRoel

Roel Arnold: “During the long winter nights in Estonia, I started the project to write and produce a children’s song dedicated to teaching them how to code since that will benefit their school and their learning results for the rest of their life. I asked for support, knowing I couldn’t do this alone and received it. I’m elated that the song has been released and is available for free on all streaming platforms and via this site.”

Why was coding so essential?

Many studies show a very effective way to ensure that children learn better. For example, every three years, education is compared internationally (PISA), and figures show the positive impact of coding at an early age. An advantage that the children will retain for the rest of their lives. Therefore, it is necessary and meaningful for children to learn to code early. By the way, many parents do not know what coding is, so also for them, this song will prove to be helpful.

What is coding?

So what exactly is “coding?” After some reference work, I came up with the following summary. A code is a set of directions needed to move through a grid, like going home or taking a tour through a museum. You need one instruction at a time, like go right or left, up or down. You cannot combine these instructions. A significant advantage of coding is that it teaches one to comprehend the situation instead of just remembering it. Compare this to either solving a puzzle or only remembering the picture on that puzzle. To solve a problem, children need to create, innovate and automate. Coding is computational thinking. First, understand the situation (decompose), then look for patterns (e.g., streets), then leave out all the unimportant details (abstraction), and finally use or make algorithms to make decisions.

Here's where you can find the song


Available on many streaming platforms, also yours?

How can you help?

After writing the lyrics, I found a musician, Yates, who translated my ideas into a beautiful song. The song, inspired by Chopin’s Waltzes, tells the story of Bobby, who is late for school, has to rush, and make all kinds of decisions to get into the classroom safely. Which is a perfect metaphor for coding, making decisions, and following up on instructions at a time. Tell schools, teachers, and parents about this song. Share this post with people you know who have children or work at schools. I will gladly send the lyrics to everybody interested. Let’s make this a success together!

Enjoy the music!


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