Ceramic coffee mug, drink along with the best composers!





Bach wrote the coffee cantata "Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht" just to show how indispensable coffee was to him. Back then, it was a beverage for men, and women had to settle for tea. Twice a week, he took the time to go to Zimmerman's for a cup of coffee,

Neither Beethoven nor Mahler could do without it. For Beethoven, coffee was an essential part of his creative process; for Mahler, it was a source of inspiration. The ritual of making and drinking coffee, the taste and smell, and perhaps the caffeine made drinking coffee a resting point for the composers where energy and ideas were gathered.

Given the profound connection between coffee and classical music, it's worth pondering over this next time you enjoy a cup. With a coffee mug in hand, you can savor the rich history and influence of coffee on classical music, enhancing your appreciation for both.


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