Bobby’s Coding Song

A brand new school song to help teach children how to code! Did you know that knowledge of coding is essential for children and their school education?

Bobby’s Coding Song is a song made available on all streaming media platforms for all teachers and parents all over the world to teach children what coding is. The song describes how Bobby, who is late for school, will get there by making a series of decisions, as a computer program or code does.

So, why is knowledge of coding so important for children?

Many studies show that learning code is a very effective way to ensure that children learn better. For example, every three years, education is compared internationally (PISA), and figures show the positive impact of coding at an early age. Children improve their logical thinking and also their understanding of language, and later, foreign languages.

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In reality, it is necessary and meaningful for children to learn to code early. Founder Roel Arnold understands the importance of education and created a song for this purpose. He wrote the lyrics himself and found inspiring music by Chopin to go with and a musician who managed to translate this idea into a song. All to help children and give parents and teachers an insight into coding. 

A class tool made especially for teachers

For all teachers, MusikRoel has teaching material on offer. Besides the song, you will find a lesson assignment and teacher instruction. Because for many teachers, coding is likely as unknown as it is for their students. And to all my former teaching colleagues, you have been coding all your life; however, you are unaware of it.

Bobby’s school song lets children learn playfully

The song tells a story about a situation in daily life with a small stress factor. First, the main character ‘Bobby’ has to hurry. Then it turns out that planning the route to school is similar to coding. Again and again, Bobby needs to decide without skipping a step; otherwise, it is impossible to reach the destination. Bobby’s school song lets children playfully learn how coding happens in everyday life. The beauty of it is that children, parents, and teachers can sing it and at the same time use it to explain coding and how simple and valuable it is.

What is coding?

So what exactly is “coding?” After some reference work, I came up with the following summary. A code is a set of directions needed to move through a grid, like going home or taking a tour through a museum. You need one instruction at a time, like go right or left, up or down. You cannot combine these instructions. A significant advantage of coding is that it teaches one to comprehend the situation instead of just remembering it. Compare this to either solving a puzzle or only remembering the picture on that puzzle. To solve a problem, children need to create, innovate and automate. Coding is computational thinking. First, understand the situation (decompose), then look for patterns (e.g., streets), then leave out all the unimportant details (abstraction), and finally use or make algorithms to make decisions.


Do you want to help make education better for children? Then Bobby’s Coding Song is a powerful tool for improving children’s school results.

Teaching children how to code is the wisest thing to do. It is a sign of good parenting and proper school education. It gives all children chances at a better future and higher education in university and beyond. Please make teachers and parents aware of the positive effects of coding and Bobby’s Coding Song.


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