About MusikRoel

Since I was young, I have been captivated by the richness and beauty of classical music. When I talk about this, I often hear stereotypical comments like it’s “boring,” “old-fashioned” or “it’s only for the elderly.” Sometimes, they know something about Beethoven, Bach, or André Rieu. Founder Roel Arnold

But how wrong can you be? How can you say such things when you don’t know what you’re talking about? And that is what MusikRoel wants to do. To explain to everyone how fun, surprising, versatile, happy, sad, and illuminating classical music is.

That’s why you will find on this site:

  • Unique recordings: beautiful (vintage) recordings on LP.
  • Special mixes: a mix of classical music to explore this world on tape.
  • DJ service: MusikRoel appropriately entertains your event with classical music (down payment via webshop).
  • Music in the classroom: teaching material for primary education (in Dutch) (book form – incl. accompanying listening story).

About Roel Arnold:

As a pupil, he learned to play the piano well, especially Mozart’s sonatas and the saxophone, where he played in a brass band. Unfortunately, he was not allowed to follow his choice of heart; thus no conservatory but a business university. And ironically, it was classical music that helped him graduate.

“Classical music never bores, delivers something new every time, and offers an unimaginable wealth of ideas, emotions, expressions, thoughts, and interpretations. We should share this wealth with as many people as possible.”

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