List classical music

Classical is anything but dull; it has a richness that leads to the point where even familiar works allow us to hear and find out something new all the time.

To help you get to know classical music, MusikRoel has created a playlist on Deezer. This list gives a broad overview of different classical music and is an ideal way to take your first steps into classical and hear how surprisingly versatile this music is.


Yes, people still sometimes say that classical music is boring. Or what about what people say when they hear that someone they know is going to the opera? "That one must be crazy," or "Why would you do that?" By the way, an opera is very different from a musical and please keep this distinction in mind.

Do you know where you'll find classical music? Take pop music; without some input from classical, it wouldn't have been there. "The Beatles" found inspiration in Bach and chamber music. Also, Armin van Buuren listens to Bach; who knows, he even plays it. Mozart, in his day, was what we would now call a world star, as was Beethoven. Paganini was as famous during his career as, say, Elvis was.

Or take film music, go to the cinema, do you still want to claim that classical music is boring? We all know the Star Wars music; who knows the one from Interstellar or the compositions of Enrico Morricone? Or what about Lord of the Rings? Or Quentin Tarantino, who manages to surprise his viewers every time with his film music?

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