About Roel Arnold

Who is Roel Arnold? Who is the remarkable founder and creative director of MusikRoel? Here, you will find more about him and his achievements.

He masters many trades – multifaceted.

Roel Arnold is a man of many qualities and versatility. Once he had an international marketing and sales career, he taught at universities in Eindhoven and Zagreb and was a field hockey coach. It took him to many places, including Vienna. It was a paradise for him because you could witness various opera houses’ performances there. His passion for classical music, became evident as soon as he could walk, and his versatile career made him decide to start MusikRoel.

From playing the piano to MusikRoel

As a pupil, he learned to play the piano well, especially Mozart’s sonatas and the saxophone, where he played in a brass band. Unfortunately, he was not allowed to follow his choice of heart; thus no conservatory but a business university. And ironically, it was classical music that helped him graduate.

Classical music never bores, delivers something new every time, and offers an unimaginable wealth of ideas, emotions, expressions, thoughts, and interpretations. We should share this wealth with as many people as possible. Roel Arnold

From writer to classical music ‘passionata.’

As a member of the ÖSV, his first step was writing the music stories, producing the audiobook, and the teaching assignments. Now, with MusikRoel, he wants to bring the joy of classical music to as many people as possible. He is organizing events, selling records, and producing mixes.