Bobby’s Song: a coding tool for children

Crowdfunding project 'Bobby's song': make learning better and more fun for children.

Do you want to help make education better for children? People are quick to respond with comments like, "But how can I do that on my own, I can't?" and "Why me, others can do it much better, can't they?" I think we can all make a constructive contribution in this, big or small it all helps, and as we know a good education is of great importance.

Many studies show a very effective way to ensure that children learn better. For example, every three years, education is compared internationally (PISA), and figures show the positive impact of coding at an early age. Therefore, it is necessary and meaningful that children learn to code early. I came up with a song for this purpose, wrote the lyrics myself, and found beautiful music by Chopin to go with it, to help children do this and give parents an insight into what coding is.

Bobby's school song

The song tells a story about a situation in daily life with a small stress factor. First, the main character 'Bobby' has to hurry. Then it turns out that planning the route to school is similar to coding. Again and again, Bobby needs to decide without skipping a step; otherwise, it is impossible to reach the destination. Bobby's school song lets children playfully learn how coding happens in everyday life. The beauty of it is that children, parents, and teachers can sing it and at the same time use it to explain coding and how simple and valuable it is.

What is coding?

So what exactly is "coding?" After some reference work, I came up with the following summary. A code is a set of directions needed to move through a grid, like going home or taking a tour through a museum. You need one instruction at a time, like go right or left, up or down. You cannot combine these instructions. A significant advantage of coding is that it teaches to comprehend the situation instead of just remembering it. Compare this to either solving a puzzle or only remembering the picture on that puzzle. To solve a problem, children need to create, innovate and automate. Coding is computational thinking. First, understand the situation (decompose), then look for patterns (e.g., streets), then leave out all the unimportant details (abstraction), and finally use or make algorithms to take decisions.

The project in short

If children learn to code at a young age, they make an enormous leap in their development and thus their educational results. An ambition that is good for them and us and therefore deserves support. Check this link!

With this school song and initiative, I strive for no profit, only aim to cover the costs associated with recording, producing, and releasing a song. In addition, I introduce children to classical music. Not only because it is beautiful, but also because it contributes to much better development. May I count on your support with this crowdfunding project?

Contact me directly if you want to help in any other way.

All support is welcome!

Enjoy the music!

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